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Family Law Attorney in Central Ohio

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Family law matters are complicated; they become even more complex when the law is involved. Domestic relations include divorce, dissolution of marriage, and any matter regarding minor children that relate to those terminating a marriage. The Court maintains “continuing jurisdiction” over matters that concern minor children of terminated marriages. That means that the Court can modify the orders regarding children. We also hear all the requests for civil protection orders (CPOs) based on domestic violence, stalking, a sexually oriented offense, or otherwise. If you are in danger due to domestic violence, don't hesitate. Reach out to our attorney today to start putting the protections you need in place.

At Dawson Law Office, LLC, our attorney is ready to use empathetic and knowledgeable counsel to guide you through your family law matter. We leverage decades of experience to seek favorable resolutions for our clients. Whether you're going through a divorce (also known as dissolution of marriage) or updating a parenting plan, our attorney understands what's at stake for you. Family is the most important aspect of life for most of us, so set up a consultation with an attorney who will work tirelessly for a solution that works for you. We are proud to serve clients throughout Central Ohio from our office in Newark.

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Family Law Attorney in Central Ohio

Our firm in Newark, Ohio, is here to assist with matters related to family law, such as divorce, alimony, child custody, parenting plans, and more. At Dawson Law Office, LLC, we're ready to provide strong representation during life's most challenging moments. Our attorney will take the time to truly understand your situation as we plan our next steps. To secure the confident counsel you deserve, please schedule an initial consultation with our attorney. We serve clients throughout Central Ohio.